Do you have your business in order

Where are those receipts? Do I need W-2’s or W-4’s? You need what to finish my taxes??

For years as January rolled around I could feel anxiety ripping through me!! Not only did I have to find all the stuff needed for personal taxes but I had to keep up with every thing that happened throughout the entire year with my business.  And for years, as I prepared to meet the tax guy I was overwhelmed and usually on the brink of tears!! I knew I needed help but I just didn’t think I could afford it. Then one day a light went off, I can’t not afford it!! I realized people hire me to take their images because not only did I like to take pictures but I understood it!! I understood the difference between different lenses, I understood lighting, and I understood the importance of making someone feel comfortable in front of the camera.  I understood and I had the equipment and knowledge to make it happen. I was trained to deliver an image the client could love because that was my field.  Making sure my business was in order and which files had to be submitted on which day was not my field.  I didn’t understand it, I didn’t like it, and I definitely wasn’t trained in it. So I decided I needed a CPA.  I needed someone that understood and someone that could guide, well, really hold my hand and just tell me what to do.

The great news is I didn’t have to look far. Alex Pappas with Edwin Gray, CPA has been a family friend for years.  Not only was he trained in the area but I personally knew him.  I knew his character, I knew his personality, I knew his was a professional,  I knew he was liscensed, I knew he had plenty of experience,  and I knew he would have my best interest at heart. When dealing with Alex, I was comforted in the fact he didn’t just have a few months of training, he had years of experience.  As soon as I met with him I felt a sense of relief.  He took the time to explain the importance of having my business set up right.  He explained in simple terms the importance of incorporating and how it could save me money.  He assured me not only would he prepare any forms needed but until I got the hang of keeping things in order, he would send me friendly reminders to make sure it got done. And he has kept every promise. Whether it was quarterly taxes, questions about my sales tax, a notification in the mail…. he has answered and taken care of every one!!

So my question is again, do you have your business in order? If not I would encourage you to set up a meeting with Alex.  If you are self employed it is a great time of year to look at your operating costs to see if there are any advantages you can take advantage of. If you have questions about payroll, taxes, or how to maintain good records he can help.  Trust me, audits are real and if you ever go through one you’ll be glad you have someone that has directed you in the right way!! If you are starting a new business, he is a great resource!  Just having him look over your procedures could be beneficial. And for you guys just filing individual taxes, his fees are as competitive as any other place. The difference is he will take time to do it correctly and you would be using a licensed CPA that does this year round, not just a few months out of the year. So don’t wait give Alex a call at 252-758-7300 or send him an email at

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  1. Karri says:

    Great reminder Laurie! Sometimes you feel like you have to do everything when you own your own business and it’s nice to have someone remind you that you do not have to be the expert for everything and sometimes you can actually recoup the cost of delegating through less stress and having an expert be on your side.


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