Danielle & RIchard – Wedding – Greenville NC

Some times those aisles seem so long. With every step, you are more and more aware of the eyes on you. But as Danielle took each step toward her groom her smile grew bigger and her attention stayed locked on him.  With every step she took, she knew she was leaving her past and walking toward her future.  A future she had chosen and couldn’t be more excited about.  As they said their vows and promises, I was overwhelmed by the emotion of the ceremony. Whether it was a moment of laughter through the guests as stories where told or a subtle tear for the amount of love Richard had for his bride, there was no doubt these two where created for each other.

So take a minute and enjoy a few of my favorite images from this heart-stirring wedding!!


  1. Danielle says:

    Laurie, these pictures bring back such great memories. Richard and I enjoyed our wedding and reception so much. Thank you for capturing the moments through your camera.



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