Family Vacation – San Diego, CA – 2011

For as long as I could remember Justice has LOVED animals and he has begged to go to the San Diego, so last summer we made it happen!! Anyone that goes on vacation knows typically you are met with some kind of obstacle no matter how well you think you plan!!

First obstacle of the trip, the delay of our plane out of RDU causing us to arrive in CA extremely late.  Not so much of a problem since we had rented a car. Except that with it being so late, the place I rented the car from was closed!! CLOSED… in LA??? Nothing stops this southern gal, so I called the next rental place and before long we were on the way. At 2 am we arrive at our first hotel of the trip. I’m informed by the front desk after waiting 20 minutes to check in (even though I called the hotel to tell them we would be checking in late and the room was paid for) they had given our room away!!  Before I could have a complete melt down from lack of sleep,  a room just magically becomes available… at 2 in the morning??  I tried to take a deep breathe and assure myself it would be fine. But as I cracked open the door to the room, I knew my uneasiness was there for a reason. I quickly told myself it was only for a few hours. I had roughed it in worse situations than this before. I had lived in third world conditions on a mission trip, I had slept it tents on a tiny island surrounded by water.. I COULD DO THIS!!!

The next day as soon as the sun came up we were up, showered, and out the door. Our week was full of fun adventures but before any adventure took place the family had to do family pictures!! We were meeting up with one of my favorite photographers in Laguna Beach, the one the only Edmund Prieto. I had stumbled onto his work about a year before that and I knew my family would love him and love him they did!! I could not have been happier with the end results.  Here are a few of my favs but make sure you check out his page too and watch his behind the scenes video of our family shoot….. CLICK HERE

After our family pictures were over, we headed to San Diego to visit some of our friends that had made CA their home. Over the next several days we visited La Jolla Beach, the San Diego Zoo, Lego Land, and we even ventured to Hollywood the night before we flew home..that was definitely an adventure!! It was a trip I hope my boys will remember for the rest of their lives, I know I will! Take a minute to watch a quick slide show of our many stops along the way…CLICK HERE!!


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