Engagement Photography – Rachel & Chip – Greenville NC

I’ll never forget when I ran into Rachel one day dropping off pictures, she seemed to have an unusual glow about her that screamed…”i’m in love!!” Quickly Rachel confessed she had met a guy and she was very smitten, she was sure she had found the one!! Not long passed and the news came, she indeed was right and wedding bells would soon ring. And as excited I was for Rachel, I was even more excited she wanted me to capture her day.  You see, Rachel was my very first ever assistant!! She carried my bags, second shot wth me, saw all my “not so proud moments” but she still wanted me!! So as I do with any other couple, we spent an afternoon hanging out and laughing before the wedding. It’s my regular routine to do a session before the wedding day to get the couple relaxed in front of my camera but for this session I had deeper motives. I had to take time to get to know this”Chip” that was marrying my friend!! I had to know if he was good and kind and gentle and sweet. I had to know if he “qualified” to marry my oh so sweet Rachel. Well, I’m glad to report Chip was just as, if not more perfect as Rachel had described. He was tender and attentive and just as smitten with Rachel as she was with him.  During our session I watched as he lit up when she talked, laughed at her jokes, and gently held her hand. Chip was a keeper and I knew Rachel had found gold! So here’s a few from our fun adventure!! Thanks Chip for being so perfect for our sweet Rachel and thanks Rach for trusting me to capture something so important!! All my love and many blessings for years to come!!

ps Keep watching for their magical wedding day coming soon!!!

  1. Petula says:

    so pretty, rachel! 🙂


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