Calling all past and present Brides and Groom or anyone else the loves to give..

For years I have loved using my skill as a photographer to give back, it’s just part of who I am. So tonight I’m announcing a give back that includes any bride and groom that have used me in the years past or are in a current contract with me for a future wedding. But because I don’t want to leave anyone out, make sure to read this complete post to find out how non bride and grooms can get in on the action.

This coming May, my hubby and I with another friend are doing this amazing event called Warrior Dash in Charlotte NC.   We will conquer obstacles, leap fire, and crawl through the mud all in the attempt to help raise money for this amazing organization called St Jude!!  That’s right people I said CRAWL THROUGH MUD!!!! And here is where it get’s interesting!!!

If you are a past bride or groom that hired me to shoot your wedding or you are currently under contract with me to do your wedding…. listen up!!! If you want to join me in this Warrior Dash AND you sign up AND you participate you will be entered in a sweet give away from yours truly!! For every bride and groom that signs up and participates with us I will give you one entry.  That means if a bride and groom both enter you get 2 entries…that means double the chance to win!! I know, I know,  you want to know what you get right, well here it is…. You get a credit of $400!!!!  You can use this $400 toward prints from your wedding, upgrades to your album, you can do a new session with me and have print money, or you can gift the $400 credit to someone you just wanna bless!! How you use the $400 is all up to you!!! The main rule is you have 1 year to use your $400.

So here are the details….. we are running the Warrior Dash in Charlotte NC on Saturday May 19th at 2:30 so make sure when you are signing up you sign up for that race!!  After you have signed up,  send me a message telling me you did and I will make a note.  After the race is done and you have actually participated I will randomly pick the winner… it’s really that simple!! AND since everyone that participates gets a free beer and I hate beer I’ll even give you my beer….WINNING!! haha  To sign up for the Warrior Dash CLICK HERE!!!!

Now onto those that want to still help but aren’t a past or current bride or groom!!  Chris and I have set a goal to raise an additional $500 toward St Jude so I need your help!! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to blow that goal out of the water but I need your help!!  For every $25 donation you contribute toward our goal of $500 you will be entered into a free mini session with me AND to make it even better I will include a disc of all finals from your session with the printing rights. That’s right people…JUMP ON IT!!! Believe me this cause is worth giving to, so don’t wait please help us blow our goal out of the water!!!  So click on the donate button below… for every $25 donation you are given one entry!!! If you don’t have a paypal don’t worry,  you can check out with your normal credit card too!  Or if you have just stumbled on this post and you wanna help and don’t care about the pictures feel free to donate here as well!!


Because I have to say this…. for those that enter the Warrior Dash, you do enter at your own risk. This is a physical activity and Crutchfield Photography can no way be held liable for any injuries acquired during this event!! Now let’s play ball!!!  I mean how else do I follow that statement, right?!?
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