Tax Time…..

Did you know in almost 5.5 weeks April 15th will be here!! And if you are like every other adult in America, you know that April 15th means TAX DAY!!! UUUGGGHHHH, that just hurts saying it!!  Well I have to be honest and say it doesn’t hurt as much anymore. I have an amazing accountant that handles all my tax needs including my personal and business tax returns and he has for years! Alex Pappas is a CPA with H. EdwinGray, CPA, P.A. on Evans Street and he has made something that seemed so foreign to me, relatively simple and easy!!

I personally don’t have time to keep up with the changes implemented by the IRS and North Carolina Department of Revenue each year. But having time doesn’t eliminate my responsibilities, that’s why I let Alex focus on that stuff.  For me my time should be focused on my family and business, not on forms that make no sense.

So if your like me and you just don’t have the time or the know how to deal with payroll or the tax needs of your business, give him a call!! Oh and if you know someone that is looking into setting up a nonprofit organization, look no farther!! Alex specializes in the setup and development of nonprofit organizations, to put it plain and simple…. he’s the best in town!

And because I believe in easy, here is his info:

(252) 758-7300 or contact him via email at to schedule an appointment

  1. Julie Howard says:

    Alex does all our personal and business stuff too. He is awesome! It’s great to know that you can call him and he knows the RIGHT answer.


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