Mari & Mitchell – Wedding – Rose Hill Plantation – Nashville NC

When I think of Mari & Mitchell, I think if  things like biscuits & jam or Christmas & carols…. you know the things that just go together!!!  It’s like from the beginning, one was created just to compliment the other, that is how I picture Mari & Mitchell!!  While working with them, there was never any forcing, never any awkwardness, just a sense of belonging together and happy to be with each other!!

When Mari originally hired me, her wedding was set for the early spring of 2010. But not long after our contract was signed I got the news Mitchell was being deployed and Mari would have to wait over a year to share in her special day with her best friend. It seemed like an eternity I’m sure, but before long the year had passed, Mitchell returned home to Mari’s waiting arms and wedding bells were chiming!!!

The venue Mari & Mitchell chose seemed as if it where stolen directly from a novel written a century ago. When arriving at Rose Hill Plantion you are greeted with a long winding path with gigantic trees. The charming plantation makes you think at any moment a southern belle just might appear with a glass of sweet tea. And the small but evident hills makes for the most beautiful backdrop that anyone can imagine!!! So if you can bundle an amazing venue and a love so pure, you can only imagine their day was perfect in every way!!! From the guests that showered them with their love, to the weather that promised to behave, it truly was a photographers dream!!!

I’ll never probably be able to express how lucky I am to share in such special days but also in my clients lives!! Mari, Mitchell, Marianna, & Carl you guys have been above and beyond. You guys have trusted me with one of the most important events of your lives and I really can never say how much each of you have meant to me! From your kind words, to the love you have shown to my own personal family you have found a place in my heart that will forever remain! A million times over and over….thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


  1. Lucille Farmer Manning says:

    One of the most beautiful weddings you have covered..very nice people, May God richly bless them.

  2. Marianna Briley says:

    Hard to believe that it has almost been a year. Your photos capture everything in the most beautiful way. You and your family have become part of our family. Thank you for all your hard work and all the love that you put into each and every photo.

  3. i loved this wedding!! so happy i was able to be there with you for this one. lovely venue, lovely couple, lovely day! 🙂


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