Melissa & Justin – Wedding – Greenville NC

Whenever I think of Melissa and Justin I get tickled!!  I make it my job to get my couples to relax and laugh in front of my camera but I think Justin made it his job to make me laugh!! By the time we reached the wedding day it was like he could read my mind… “I know you want us to kiss!!”  And of course he was right….. all married couples need to kiss!!!

But beyond the kissing, my favorite part of  Melissa and Justin was seeing them laughing with each other. When Melissa laughs with Justin it’s almost as if her eyes light up. I’ve always believed laughter was good medicine and so it’s my wish for these guys that they laugh together (and kiss) for the next 75 years!!!!

And although I know you guys just wanna see my favs, I just have to say one more thing, I love how this couple chose the perfect spot for their ceremony. They chose a spot that was significant to them, a place that was familiar and by the water!!  They had their amazingly obedient dog in their ceremony, and they incorporated themes such as their dog and the beach throughout their entire decor. So for people that ask me if I get tired of doing weddings all the time, my response is always “No!!”  Because clients like this make sure their wedding is unique and perfect to them!

Now on to what you’ve been waiting for… my favs!!!!

  1. Morgan says:

    Is that the groom’s cake?!?! AWESOME!


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