Who do you trust……

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year……. tax time!!! The fiscal cliff… what does it mean?  Will it change how you file your taxes?  Has it complicated a system that already had your nerves in a ball??  These are questions that most Americans ask and to be honest they should!! Everyday the IRS is releasing new updates about proposed or new tax law changes. And even though it would be nice to say, “well I didn’t know about that new law or the change to an existing law” and get an exemption, if you are caught doing something wrong just know that’s not how it goes!!! When dealing with taxes, you are expected to dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s and if you don’t, no matter what the excuse is, you are help accountable!!!  But that sounds unfair, I mean have you seen the amount of lines and numbers that are associated with tax forms??? It’s enough to scare anyone!! So I ask the question again, do you have someone you trust doing your taxes? Not someone that took a class for a few months but someone that has a degree that has spent years learning the correct way to count deductions and can tell you what the new laws mean. I always chuckle at the commercial where the plumber is fixing the sink. When the husband walks in and see’s him, he questions why he is doing the plumbing, I mean just the other day he was a tax expert filing the husband’s taxes. The plumber explains with a smile, “today I’m a master plumber”.  And I’m beating many of you have laughed at that same commercial but how many of you have a “master plumber”  handling your taxes??  Can you trust your representative to know all the in’s and the out’s and are handling your taxes with complete knowledge and integrity? Just  yesterday it was in our local news that a local tax preparer has plead guilty to fraud, you check the story here.

For me personally, I needed someone that not only could fill out all the forms accurately but could actually worry for me. I needed someone that kept up with the new laws, not from the TV but directly from the IRS or legitimate tax publications. I needed someone that had years of experience and that had a reputation of being ethical and honest. I needed someone that if I ever got audited, could stand beside me, walk me through any steps I needed to take, and be able to defend me no matter what question the auditor might ask. And yes you guessed it, this year I went through my very first (and hopefully last) audit. But when I called my CPA with a shaky voice telling him I had a notice informing me of the audit, he assured me everything would be ok and that he would be there every step of the way and he was! Alex Pappas of  Alex Pappas CPA here in Greenville has been with me every step of the way with my business, advising me when I needed to make a change but more importantly making sure everything concerning my taxes was accurate and complete, he has definitely been someone I could trust!!!

So one last time I’ll ask you, who do you trust? If you don’t have someone you trust handling your taxes I highly encourage you to make a change ASAP!!! And if you are unsure of who to contact give Alex a call or shoot him an email, he is definately someone you can trust!! You can email him at or you can give him a call at (252) 227-4111.




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