Love Remembers….

After loosing my dad I was quickly reminded of how precious images are of the ones we love and how at times they are hard to come by. So I started doing some brainstorming about how I could use my talent to make sure families don’t have to miss the chance of having images of the ones they love. My idea was to start an organizantion/non profit that gave families the opportunity to have professional images taken by a photographer if a parent had been given a terminal diagnosis. But then I thought…. how do I even approach it and how do I find these families? After more brainstorming again, one of my friends Kristi Schremp was giving another report that her cancer had again returned and the outlook was not good. But Kristi was never one to bow out or give up, I knew Kristi would fight…. see Kristi literally was a miracle.. time and time again the doctors would’t give much hope but Kristi pushed through and defied the odds!! So I took the chance to explain to Kristi about my hopes of offering this service and asked if she would be willing to document her family. Kristi was more than willing to help and she was excited to be getting these images, you can see that session by clicking here. Two and half years later and lots more fighting Kristi called a few weeks back to see if I was willing to do another session… her hair was starting to grow back and before she started another round of treatment she wanted to capture her family again. So last week we scheduled another session but this session was different. Kristi told me the doctors had just told her there was no more treatment and she as only given a few weeks… these pictures where extremely important to her and all I could think was how I had to make sure these pictures where perfect!! Well, today Kristi finished her final battle here on earth and again she wasn’t defeated… she took her last breath and was immediately in the prescence of the Lord, she is cancer and pain free!! Words can’t even explain how sad I am for her family, especially her husband and daughter but all I can think is how wonderful it must be and how magnificent to be to in her eternal resting place.. Kristi is home!! I have no doubt I will see her again and man what a day it will be!!! Take a minute to enjoy a slideshow of the love Kristi shared with her family just last week in front of my camera by¬†clicking here. ¬†Kristi because of you I’m pushing forward with this project, I’ve had the name for years…. Love Remembers


  1. Tina says:

    This was so beautiful.


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