Wedding – St. Anne’s Chapel – Tarboro, NC – Hannah & Ilya

I know, it’s be an upsurd amount of time since I have been here and for that I am sorry!!! I’m hoping this is a new leaf and I can begin sharing not just my images but my life again. The amount of posts that have been unblogged are nearly impossible to catch up on so I will randomly be blogging some of my weddings and sessions from 2013 because I feel like 2013 just didn’t get any loving and that just plain STINKS!! In between I will be posting recent sessions and weddings to try to somewhat stay on track!

So to start with I wanted to share the amazing wedding I shot last year in one of our neighboring towns that is holds so much history and is nothing short of charming!! When Hannah orginally contacted me, she let me know her and her fiancé, Ilya, where living in New York but the wedding itself would be in Tarboro at a venue her parents owned. As she began to describe the location my heart leaped, I knew the exact location she was speaking of. I had stumbled upon it almost a year before and had fallen in love! On my intitial discovery, I immmedaietly thought what an amzing little place and how wonderful it would be for weddings!! With a lil searching and snooping (for lack of a better word) I quickly discovered not only was it a venue that could be used but it was actually set for a wedding..… like that day!!! Panic mode set in, I booked it on out of there!! I will never forget my assistant  laughing as I ran to my car, jumped in and sped away. I promised myself I would find out who ran this precious lil gem! Well days turned to weeks, which turned to months, and as you guess, I never found out UNTIL….. Hannah, oh my sweet Hannah, called me to shoot her wedding!!! I was beyond thrilled that the lil gem I found the year before had found its way back to my path!! Saint Anne’s Chapel was beautiful and seemed to hold so many stories but this time I would get to help document one of it’s amazing adventures!!  The more I talked to Hannh, the more I knew her wedding was exactly the type of wedding I LOVED!!  The venue itself was owned by her adoring family, the dress she was to wear had been worn by many ladies in her family (including her mother), the word that was used over and over was, CELEBRATION…. this was my perfect wedding!!!!

As many of you know in North Carolina you never really know what kind of weather you might get in April (well really any month) but as their day arrived, the weather was PERFECT!! So take a minute and join me on memory lane as I remember Hannah & Ilya’s celebration!!!



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