Senior – Class of 2013 – Greenville NC – Savannah

Yep, you read right Class of 2013!! Sweet Savannah is about to finish her first year of college but after seeing her images you’ll see why I had to post a few, she’s too stinkin cute to not share!!! I’ve know Savannah literally since she was just a child, so to do this session for her was a mixture of happiness and sadness for me!! Happiness that she is starting the coolest journey ever, of figuring out who she is and what she wants to do with her life but saddest because it’s just one more reminder I’m getting older!!

From the very beginning, I learned Savannah is quiet but very observant! She did her senior project with me so I got to work with her on a regular basis. She has a love for photography and a natural talent to see art in every day life. I often marveled how even in my busyness she found peace through the camera. I learned quick that her quite  manner should never be mistaken for an unsureness…. I’ll never forget on our session when I stretched her beyond her comfort zone, how she would respond to my request in a subtle but firm  “I’d rather not!” With other clients, maybe I would try to charm them into trying my idea but with Savannah I was pretty convinced she was likely unmoving in her decision. With other clients I may have been frustrated but I also learned early on with Savannah, that even in her timidness the camera LOVED her!! She doesn’t really have a bad angle or even a bad expression. There is a certain sparkle that seems to bubble inside of her everytime I have taken her picture…. she is what many people say a natural!!!

Savannah, I’m sorry this has taken so long, you truly are a treasure!! I hope you enjoy every moment of college!!!


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