SNOW DAYS….. 2014

So I’m going to break it up and do some recent sessions for just a bit. Now I’m pretty good at planning sessions but I also like spur of the moment, lets make it work sessions. I would say these images completely fit the later category… like can you be here in 30 minute sessions!!! Eastern North Carolina has had some unusual snow this year but this particular snow was insanely good to photograph in… within 2 hours everything was covered (not dusted, covered) it was fluffy and beautiful and totally not the norm for what we usually get!! I knew that as amazing as it was, it would quickly disappear so I went to town (well not literally to town) actually out my door and in a field, but in a winter wonderland you would never know!!! It was soooo fun and prob (from a photographers view) my favorite snow of the year!!!


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