Wedding – Elizabethan Gardens – Manteo, NC – Molly & Myers

I remember going to Manteo on school trips and occassionally in the summer as a child but I don’t think I ever really grasped the beauty of the gardens!!  Maybe I was just too busy. Or maybe I hadn’t learned to appreciate nature’s beauty yet, but I have to say when I walked into Elizabethan Gardens to shoot Molly & Myers wedding I was simply in awe!!!! It’s my policy that my brides and grooms spend enough time with me before their wedding, that we are literally friends leading into their event. To some it may be crazy but for me it flows perfectly with my business plan. So if you combine the majestic beauty of the gardens, with friends that are relaxed and at ease in front of my camera, you can’t help but get images full of loveliness and emotion!!! 

Molly & Myers where the golden example of how to be relaxed and enjoy the day!! Whether it was a timeline that was slightly awry or a wardrobe malfunction, they handled it with grace and with a smile, making sure to enjoy every moment, memory, and slight hiccup. You see, they seemed to know a secret that sometimes isn’t discovered until it’s too late….  in the end they knew it was all going to be perfect and it was going to be their very own fantastic day!!

Molly & Myers thanks for not only allowing me to capture your memories but also allowing me into your life. I’m not sure when I realized how much I would come to adore you guys…. maybe it was when I saw your love for your dogs or maybe it was when I saw the awe inspiring Pirate nation support or it possibly could have been when you uttered the simple words… “I trust you” (Oh what sweet music to my ears!!!!) You guys are a breathe of fresh air in a crazy & busy world!! Hope to see you both soon!!! xo


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