Bridal Portrait – Kinston, NC – Stephanie

So I’m completely mortified and and ashamed at the lack of attention this poor little blog of mine has seen the past year (or longer) and I want to take steps to correct it, like NOW!!! It’s literally going to be impossible for me to back track the last year (or so) of my life but once again I am going to try to catch up on some!! Although blame can always be casts (and usually it really belongs to us), I secretly believe it is the fault of FB that my blog has been soooo scarce!! I know, I know “let’s blame Mark Z for one more thing!” But really, he made it to darn easy to post and share without making my little ole’ brain think of what to share!! So thank you FB for allowing me to be a wordless person as I document the lives of some AMAZING people!!! Yes, it’s Monday and I’m being dramatic but I’m writing again and that’s what counts!!!

So on to my first fabulous friend!! I call her friend because that is what she is. She allowed me into her life to capture some of her biggest memories but she doesn’t stop there, she continually allows me in. Everytime I see her she greets me with a beautiful smile and huge hug. Her eyes twinkle, her giggle is infectious, and she radiates Jesus like a bride on her wedding day (see what I did there? hehehehe) And no matter how bad the situation, she conquers it with joy! Stephanie, you my dear are a breathe of fresh air and you are as beautiful inside as you are outside!! I have loved becoming your friend and I’m sorry this is way past due!! But I hope this posts bring you joy!!



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