Engagement Photography – Wilmington, NC – Victoria & Ben

All I can say about this couple is… what a journey! They have a real life love story! A story that tells of them falling in love, walking away, only to find each other again!! Although I have known Victoria since she was small, over the years as she grew and chased life I kinda lost touch with her. Then a few years ago she contacted me and let me know she was getting married. After chatting about packages and her needs, we locked in and I started capturing her story.  The wedding approached and I shot her engagement session, just as any other couple, then I released her pictures to her. But the response was like crickets. I immediately reviewed the images and replayed our conversations during the session in my head. Had I said something? Did they not like what I gave them? I was so scared and nervous. And then I got her call… she loved the pictures but she was calling the wedding off. I was so caught off guard, I didn’t knw what to say or do. My business says, a contract has been signed, money has been paid, other clients turned away, and from a business standpoint, the money is lost. But my heart struggled… I ached for the sadness that she was enduring but I also believed in her decision!! I can’t imagine the courage it took to say “I can’t do this!” She didn’t have to be told, she knew the emotional and financial ramifications this would have but she stood unwavering. She didn’t let fear drive her into a lifelong commitment when, in her heart of hearts, she knew this wasn’t the one. So I made a decision, as I have with brides in the past. We worked a new contract that said a portion would be lost but the bigger portion would be applied to a future date. It didn’t put a time limit or even question who it would be, the only stipulation was that she had to make sure I was open on the date before she locked in with other vendors. Time went by, she lived life, and before long her first love (and when I say first, I truly mean first love… the first guy she ever kissed) stumbled back into her life. I saw posts here and there on FB and my inner voice said… she’s falling in love again!! And then “the” post rolled through my feed…. he asked and she said YES!!! We set the date and time and I officially got to meet this new fella that stole her heart. But before our session ended, I realized something pretty profound… she didn’t re fall in love with Ben, she never stopped loving him!! They literally were two peas in a pod. After the session, I typically take my clients out to eat but these guys took me back to their home and made the most amazing meal I have ever eaten. As they cooked, I was reminded of all the different ingrediants. The ingrediants had their own unique flavor but as they were combined together they were incredible!! And that was Victoria and Ben, they were unique on their own but together they were simply incredible!!


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