Wedding – River Dunes – Oriental, NC – Jenna & Shion

When you mix a beautiful couple & perfect venue the outcome is exquisite.

So let’s start with the couple. Shion LOVES having his picture taken, well maybe love is a strong word, maybe more like… doesn’t like. Like not at all…. hahahaha!!  Buuuuut I think Shion would now admit, after working with me, that I make it simple. I believe I could even hear him echoing the words, “that wasn’t so bad!” (and if you know me, that is my all time favorite compliment) And Shion is a perfect example of why I am so dead set on engagement pictures before the wedding day. If I had not gotten the chance to know Shion before the wedding and had not gotten him in front of my camera before that day, I’m convinced that their wedding pictures might have lacked the emotion that I so love to capture. I don’t know if  Shion would have let his guard down enough to relax and let me capture the gentle, kind person he truly is. But be as it may, Shion did relax. Not only did I capture the smile he tries to hide when cameras appear but I was able to capture the love that is deep and boundless as tears sprang from his eyes when he saw Jenna for the first time. I was able to capture the joy that radiated from them both as they twirled around and around the dance floor to their first dance. And I was able to capture the excitement as they waved goodbye to their family and friends as they sailed toward the start of their new life together.

Now lets talk about their incredible venue!! River Dunes is perfectly located on the outskirts of the charming, waterfront community of Oriental, NC. It is a world-class resort harbor surrounded by elegant sea side homes and a picture-perfect chapel that accommodates indoor and outdoor weddings alike. The small community of cottages beside the sea side chapel is the perfect location for the bridal party and immediate family to spend the weekend celebrating and laughing. But you also can’t forget the Harbor Club, which offers delicious food and a spectacular view that will simply take your breath away. Without a doubt this venue is the perfect location for any couple that loves the water as this couple does. If my words don’t convince, maybe my images will.

Jenna and Shion, I loved working with you both!! I hope these images will always remind you of your perfect day!! xo



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