Dear Boo…..

Dear Boo,

Today was the last time I will ever hug you or kiss you. I will no longer see your face as soon as I walk through the door or hear the little taps of your nails on the floor as you trot around our home. I will never look down at 2am while I am still editing and see you faithfully laying beside me. I will never get to sneak you on the bed again and snuggle with you because Dad said no more Boo on the bed. I will never get to tell you to stop cleaning yourself like a cat, clean up the gobs of hair that you daily lost that should at some point make you hairless because really how much hair could a little dog loose, or get to say that you can officially eat anything you heart desires because today I said my final good bye to you.  I have to say, I never could have imagined 16 years ago the journey I would be on with you!!

You have been my protector, my confidant, my lil shadow, and my best friend!! When I brought you home, you where so tiny and scared. You whimpered as I opened the fridge, cried as I cut on the stove, and wailed when I tried to play with you….. you boo hoo’ed all the time those first few days hence your name Boo. But that trait quickly changed!! You grew quickly into a feisty and funny dog. Dad still loves to tell the story of you chasing the cow through the field with me screaming right behind, sure you were going to get trampled. And I’ll never forget when that cow realized a lil runt was chasing him and decided to turn around, no longer be pursued but became the pursuer … we looked like an episode from scooby doo as that cow chased me and you through the field! Or how we literally almost pulled you out of Chad’s dogs mouth because you didn’t care he had 50lbs on, you were going to get that food that dropped. Or the way the word “bath” turned you into the tazmanian devil as you ran around the house spinning and turning, sure that this time you would escape me my hands and the evil water. Or even the times you would literally run from dad and hide under our king size bed right smack dap in the middle, just out of his reach, and dare him with your terrifying growls and snaps to try and grab you. And I’ll never forget how after bringing Justice home, you stationed yourself under his bassinet and snapped at any strange feet if they dare get too close. Or the way when my daddy died you let me hold you and sob into your fur when everyone else was gone. And I never imagined how I would sob uncontrollably as I made the decision that you had fought long enough. I never imagined how a quiet house could be almost deafening or how loosing you could shatter my heart but I know it was time.

I’m sure as time goes on, my heart will heal but today the tears are steady and the hurt is physically tangible. I already miss you a million times over but I can honestly say it was time to let go. There will never be another ankle biter that can steal my heart like you did… you were one in a million and I was blessed to call you mine!!!

I love you Boo Boo chuttin chuttin always and forever!!!!!

Thanks again to Will at Capturing Canines for capturing these amazing shots of our Boo!!!

  1. Morgan says:

    I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss Laurie. Losing a dog is one of the most painful events in life, but you’ll see him again. Even the Pope says animals go to heaven. :). XOXO!


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