So I’m not really sure that Sunday Savings is a real thing but it is in my book so I’m going to roll with it!! Everyone LOVES saving money and I totally get it, so if you have been waiting to see if you could save some money here is your chance!! There are some rules to this money saving deal so MAKE sure you read all the directions!!


#1 – You must EMAIL me that you want a particular deal (don’t FB message me OR call/text me, it must be in EMAIL form – the address is lcphoto at suddenlink dot net)

#2 – You must write in the subject line  SAVE ME SOME MONEY!!

#3 – I MUST get your email no later than midnight on Sunday November 30th for this to count (please know I may not respond until Monday but if you get it on time you are safe and some of these deals are one day only, make sure you read completely!!)

So now the rules are out of the way, who’s ready to save some money!!!


Deal 1: 25% off all Print Orders, One on One Mentoring Sessions, Canvases, Gallery Wraps & Upcoming Classes

EXCLUDES: albums, mini sessions, digital rights to mini sessions, & wedding packages.

Dates & more details for classes will be announced within the week but here is a list of classes I will be offering:

Pricing for Profit

Photographing Kids: How to get that great shot

Wedding Extravaganza: From Beginning to End

Intro to Photography (learning how to shoot, use your camera, and overall good business advice)


Deal 2: BOGO Special!!! Purchase a normal standard session for $130 and get one FREE!!! This is awesome for those that want to have a least 2 sessions throughout the year OR you can keep a session and gift a session (Sessions include  up to 4 people and excludes Newborn, Senior, or Bridal sessions)


Deal 3: Purchase a gift card for $100 and get an additional $25 FREE

If  you are still reading…… for a limited amount of clients & for  Black Friday ONLY….

The first FIVE Brides that email me can purchase their High Resolution digital finals from their wedding for $550

AND the first FIVE regular clients that email me can purchase their High Resolution digital finals from their session for $150. (this special is only good for previous weddings/sessions it can not be applied to future weddings/sessions and it is good for the first FIVE ONLY)

And lastly for my new brides…. For the first bride to contact me about their upcoming wedding you can take 15% off your total package price. To receive the 15% off you must secure your wedding before this coming Sunday at midnight with a signed contract and your retainer fee.

Again for any of these specials make sure to email me at

lcphoto at suddenlink dot net  and don’t forget to type SAVE ME SOME MONEY in the memo line!!! Happy Shopping All!!

But I can’t leave without posting a few pics…… enjoy!!







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