Meet Hannah….. Crutchfield Photography – Greenville, NC

Meet Hannah! I’ve only had the chance to photograph Hannah one other time. It was a few years back and it was with her family. After a brief interaction at that session, I soon realized she was in the same grade and school as my son. I knew she had looked familiar but I just hadn’t made the connection. As the years have passed, our paths have crossed here and there and her kindness has always stood out to me.  I know it sounds weird that I have been impressed with kindness but sometimes that is a trait that is lacking in our young people (esp in middle school).  I mean come on, everyone knows middle school in general can be hard.  It’s hard as pre-teens try to figure out who they are. Hard when they test boundaries or new found freedoms. Hard as they face so many changes (emotionally and physically).  Hard when their friends want them to act or dress a certain way. All around it can be hard because they just want to be accepted. But there has always been something about Hannah that has always stood out. She is naturally beautiful but she has a kindness that shines through as well. She has always impressed me with her genuine heart at each encounter, even if the encounter was short.

So when I was looking for a model for an Inspirational shoot I was doing a few weeks ago and she offered to help, I knew she would be a great choice! That day as I was scrambling to decorate and finish the goodie bags she jumped right in to help at every turn. Whether it was carrying tables, filling bags, or grabbing the moss the wind was blowing, she did it all with a smile. She was so happy to help and grateful for the opportunity and might I add a FABULOUS model… just check her out!!


Thanks so much Hannah!! I hope you had a fabulous time and I hope you love the images! A big thanks to Longstraw Farms for letting us use the venue for this shoot (more to come on that soon) and to Rebecca Briley of Salon Blonde for doing an amazing job on the hair and make up!!!


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