Engagement, Bridal, & Wedding – Rock Springs – Greenville, NC – Gretchun & Jimmy

Because I am ridiculously behind in my blogging and I would like to try to catch up sooner rather than later, I’m putting a little twist into this post! In this post you will get to see the whole shebang….. favorites from the Engagement session, the Bridal session, and even the Wedding!!! So hold on to your seats and be prepared for all kinds of pretty!!

I’ve personally known Jimmy’s family for many years. So much so that it isn’t uncommon for me to show up at a family function and pull up a chair. They never quite know when I’m going to pop up and I don’t know that they could get rid of me if they tried. So when Gretchun and Jimmy called and said they were getting married I was glad to be a part of their celebration. As you will see below everything they had was fabulous but I’ve loved even more staying in touch with them since the wedding! Whether I run into them at the store, a restaurant, or even through a quick text I have a tender heart for this couple!!

So Gretchun, I know you have been waiting for a while for this post and I promised that one day I would get to it, well today (or I guess I should say tonight) I finally got around to keeping my promise!! Wishing you and Jimmy many years of happiness and joy!!


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