Dear Boo, Today was the last time I will ever hug you or kiss you. I will no longer see your face as soon as I walk through the door or hear the little taps of your nails on the floor as you trot around our home. I will never look down at 2am while […]

Last week I headed to a mountain.Yes, a literal mountain but for me it was also to a spiritual mountain. One that I had been desperatley trying to dodge and run away from for some time!! Nestled in the rolling hills of Rome, GA I attended Pursuit 31. I didnt know stepping onto the campus of […]

Did you know in almost 5.5 weeks April 15th will be here!! And if you are like every other adult in America, you know that April 15th means TAX DAY!!! UUUGGGHHHH, that just hurts saying it!!  Well I have to be honest and say it doesn’t hurt as much anymore. I have an amazing accountant […]

For years I have loved using my skill as a photographer to give back, it’s just part of who I am. So tonight I’m announcing a give back that includes any bride and groom that have used me in the years past or are in a current contract with me for a future wedding. But […]

If you haven’t been able to tell from my recent posts I am pretty behind but I’m determined to make that change!!! In just a few short months, summer will return and like many we will cruise to the coast as much and as fast as we can go. There is something about the crash […]

Before I left for Vegas anytime I was asked what I was looking forward to, I quickly responded meeting Jeremy Cowart and sitting through his class. Jeremy is the founder of Help Portrait, which I love so dearly! He is such a real and generous soul in the world of photography. So after I sat […]

For as long as I could remember Justice has LOVED animals and he has begged to go to the San Diego, so last summer we made it happen!! Anyone that goes on vacation knows typically you are met with some kind of obstacle no matter how well you think you plan!! First obstacle of the […]

For many of you that follow me you know 3 years ago today after 18 months of a hard battle with cancer my Daddy finally went home to be with his Creator. What many of you do not know is from the beginning of this journey I asked God to allow me to be there […]