So I’m completely mortified and and ashamed at the lack of attention this poor little blog of mine has seen the past year (or longer) and I want to take steps to correct it, like NOW!!! It’s literally going to be impossible for me to back track the last year (or so) of my life […]

I remember going to Manteo on school trips and occassionally in the summer as a child but I don’t think I ever really grasped the beauty of the gardens!!  Maybe I was just too busy. Or maybe I hadn’t learned to appreciate nature’s beauty yet, but I have to say when I walked into Elizabethan […]

I met Corby years ago when I was starting out my business but as the years passed, I seemed to loose track  of where he was in life. Then social media clicked in and I was able to reconnect with tons of people… old clients, highschool friends, current friends.. you name it and they could […]

I know, it’s be an upsurd amount of time since I have been here and for that I am sorry!!! I’m hoping this is a new leaf and I can begin sharing not just my images but my life again. The amount of posts that have been unblogged are nearly impossible to catch up on […]

Whenever I think of Melissa and Justin I get tickled!!  I make it my job to get my couples to relax and laugh in front of my camera but I think Justin made it his job to make me laugh!! By the time we reached the wedding day it was like he could read my […]

When I think of Mari & Mitchell, I think if  things like biscuits & jam or Christmas & carols…. you know the things that just go together!!!  It’s like from the beginning, one was created just to compliment the other, that is how I picture Mari & Mitchell!!  While working with them, there was never […]

I remember meeting Jana for the first time and the debate she was having within herself to find the perfect location to get married.  She named a few but her heart just seemed to draw toward Blounts Creek.  Fast forward months down the road and as Jana pulled up in a bright red Chevelle, the […]

Some times those aisles seem so long. With every step, you are more and more aware of the eyes on you. But as Danielle took each step toward her groom her smile grew bigger and her attention stayed locked on him.  With every step she took, she knew she was leaving her past and walking […]

Again, another post that should have been posted months ago but still just as appealing as the day it was shot!! When Mari originally contacted me and said she was getting married at Rose Hill Conference Center I may have come close to passing out. A mother of a past bride mentioned this countryside estate located […]

So this as well as many other blog posts will be from months ago because now that I have a new blog (and it’s a slower season) I feel motivated to catch up!! So hold on tight and be on the look out for some great posts and  images coming your way!! After talking to […]